Who Stars In Wedding Crashers?

What actors play in the wedding crashers?


  • Owen Wilson as John Beckwith.
  • Vince Vaughn as Jeremy Grey.
  • Christopher Walken as U.S. Secretary William Cleary.
  • Rachel McAdams as Claire Cleary.
  • Isla Fisher as Gloria Cleary.
  • Jane Seymour as Mrs. Cleary.
  • Ellen Albertini Dow as “Grandma” Mary Cleary.
  • Keir O’Donnell as Todd Cleary.

Was Ben Stiller in wedding crashers?

Here John espies the bride’s sister, lovely Claire (Rachel McAdams), from across the room, and can’t take no for an answer. Much as in the Ben Stiller version of this movie, the father who needs to be impressed is powerful and intimidating, in this case, Secretary William Cleary (Christopher Walken).

How much did Vince Vaughn get paid for wedding crashers?

Vaughn raked in $14.73 of gross income for studios for every dollar he was paid for in “The Break-Up,” “ Wedding Crashers ” and “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story,” the magazine calculated for its special entertainment issue.

Who was the groom in wedding crashers?


Cast overview, first billed only:
Owen Wilson John Beckwith
Vince Vaughn Jeremy Grey
Christopher Walken Secretary Cleary
Rachel McAdams Claire Cleary
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Is wedding crashers based on a true story?

Fun fact: While the movie’s set is fictional, the political slant in the Wedding Crashers isn’t too far off.

How old are they in wedding crashers?

IMDb Rating: 7

Actor Age then Age now
Owen Wilson 37 52
Vince Vaughn 35 51
Christopher Walken 62 78
Rachel McAdams 27 42


Why do they say Baba Ganoush in wedding crashers?

In the film, that’s the term of endearment Owen Wilson uses to address his friend and fellow wedding crasher Vince Vaughn. In real life, baba ganoush is a Middle Eastern dip made from roasted eggplant, tahini and spices that is just as good served in a pita as it is with pita chips.

What is Vince Vaughn’s net worth?

How much is Vince Vaughn Worth? Vince Vaughn Net Worth and Salary: Vince Vaughn is an American actor, screenwriter, comedian, and producer who has a net worth of $70 million.

How much money did Vince Vaughn make in freaky?

Vince Vaughn’s and Blumhouse Productions’ comedic horror movie Freaky wins this weekend’s box office after earning $3.7 million.

Is there a wedding crashers 2?

Vince Vaughn said talks for Wedding Crashers 2 are currently in the early stages, with Owen Wilson and director David Dobkin also set to return. Vince Vaughn confirmed that plans for a Wedding Crashers 2 are currently in early talks.

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