Where Is Wedding Cake Rock?

How do I get to wedding cake rock?

Wedding Cake Rock is located south of Bundeena, along The Coast track in Royal National Park. To get there: The Coast track starts at the end of Beachcomber Avenue in Bundeena. Before you set out, it’s worth checking out the outline of your trip at the information bay inside the park entrance on Beachcomber Avenue.

How long does it take to walk to wedding cake rock?

The Wedding Cake Rock hike is a 6.8 kilometre (4.2 miles) walk. Allow 2 hours return (there and back). There is a locked gate at the end of Beachcomber Ave, Bundeena. This is the start of the Coast Track.

Can you go on wedding cake rock?

During total fire bans, the track to Wedding Cake Rock is closed. Check alerts and closures for Royal National Park before you visit. It’s a good idea to visit toilet facilities before starting your journey, and carry enough food and drinking water for the return trip.

Why is wedding cake rock so fragile?

” Wedding Cake Rock’s appeal, the white layers of sandstone, are also what make this site so unstable. The pure white colour of the rock is caused by iron leaching, which makes the sandstone layers dangerously soft,” she said.

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Why is it called wedding cake rock?

Wedding Cake Rock earned its name from its resemblance to a slice of a wedding cake; the feature shows layers and is unusually eroded into a perfectly cuboid shape, in addition to being white, similar to a wedding cake.

Can you drive to Bundeena?

Getting to Bundeena Enjoy a drive into the Royal National Park off of the Prince’s Highway just sixty minutes south of the Sydney CBD. Passes are available at the park entrance or at the Bundeena Service Station.

How long is the figure 8 pools walk?

Getting there – it’s a long walk! It’s a long, hard 6-8km walk on a steep, narrow, slippery track in a remote area. The walk takes 4-5 hours each way. Give it a miss if you’re not feeling fit. Aim to get to Figure Eight Pools before midday.

How long is the coast track?

The Coast track in Sydney’s Royal National Park is an epic multi-day walk between Bundeena and Otford. Enjoy incredible coastal lookouts, swimming spots, seasonal wildflowers and whale watching along this challenging 26km track. Free. Park entry fees apply.

How do I get to Eagle Rock?

Walking Directions to Eagle Rock from Wattamolla First, grab our easy-to-read Coast Walk map for directions on how to get to Eagle Rock. From Wattamolla’s top car park, the trail is sign-posted “The Coast Track”. Walk south, passing the first inlet called Curracurrang. Continue up and over the next headland.

How do I get to bundeena balcony?

If you come by ferry from Cronulla, follow Brighton Street from Bundeena wharf, turn right on Scarborough Street and then left on Eric Street that will take you all the way to the park. It is a pleasant 1.5km walk through the laid-back community of Bundeena.

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How do you get to Marley Beach?

The first turn off you come to leads to Jibbon Head trail. This is an optional side trip that you could also take on the way back. A few meters ahead, another turn-off leads to the start of the Coast Track. Take this turn-off and follow the signs to Marley Beach, which at this point is 4.4km away.

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