Reasons To Have Your Wedding In Bali

Reasons to Have Your Wedding in Bali

One of the best tourist spots in Southeast Asia is an island in the Indonesian Archipelago called Bali. More than five million tourists visit this tropical paradise annually because of its stunning beaches and laid back atmosphere.

It’s a great place to just relax with friends and family while enjoying the white sands and beautiful water of the Indian Ocean. Bali has also become a popular wedding location for couples all over the world, and there’s no wonder why. There are so many reasons to have your wedding in Bali, and here are just some of them.

  1. Perfect Weather

What most couples want on their wedding day is nice sunny weather, which is what you will get in Bali almost all year round. There are six continuous months of dry climate from May to October that couples can take advantage of and not worry about possible rain ruining their wedding celebrations. During the evenings, Bali experiences a nice cool sea breeze that is perfect for post-wedding parties and reception.

  1. Awesome Wedding Photos

There is no need to set up a DIY backdrop for your wedding ceremony because Bali is filled with natural beauty that is perfect for wedding photos. Aside from the white beaches, turquoise water, and blue sky, you can also find rainforests, mountains, and other landscapes as your photo background. You can literally capture awesome pictures anywhere.

  1. Great Honeymoon Destination

A common issue among newlyweds is the stress of having to travel to the honeymoon destination right after the wedding. If you have your wedding in Bali, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone because the island is also an amazing place for your honeymoon. The captivating sceneries and magnificent sunsets are surely more than enough to keep the romance going after the wedding.

  1. Your Dream Wedding at a Cheaper Price

Destination weddings are usually expensive, not just for the marrying couples, but for all the wedding guests as well. At Bali, you can have access to luxury resorts, wedding venues, VIP rooms and accommodations at lower costs compared to wedding locations in Australia, Europe, and America. That is why more and more Australians choose Bali as their wedding location. Aside from the fact that the dry season in Bali is the winter season in Australia, wedding services are far cheaper in Bali compared to their country.

  1. Experienced Wedding Vendors

Because of the increasing popularity of Bali as a wedding location, you can also find many experienced wedding vendors on the island to help with your wedding needs. They offer different wedding packages that include the wedding and reception venue, decorations, post-wedding party, reception dinner, audio equipment, bar drinks, and accommodation. Wedding packages can also include wedding planning, permits, etc.

One of the best wedding vendors you can find in Bali is Komune Bali Weddings. We have highly experienced staff (which includes Australian expat staff) and an exotic beachfront venue that will help you create a magnificent wedding. Let us take care of organising your event so you can have a relaxed and stress-free wedding. Take a look at our wedding packages or contact us for any special requirements.