Readers ask: What To Write On Wedding Programs?

What should a wedding program say?

What to Include in Your Wedding Program

  • Your Names.
  • Details of the Officiant and Wedding Party.
  • Venue, Date, and Time.
  • Ceremony Schedule.
  • Readings and Songs.
  • A Dedication.
  • Your Love Story.
  • Directions to Your Reception.

How do you list a wedding party on a program?

How you list the wedding party in your programs is up to you, though a hierarchy similar to the following is common:

  1. Parents of the bride.
  2. Parents of the groom.
  3. Grandparents of the bride and groom (if desired)
  4. Maid or Matron of Honor.
  5. Best man.
  6. Bridesmaids.
  7. Groomsmen.
  8. Flower girl.

What to write on a wedding program thank you?

Thank you to our family and friends. We are so happy we could share this special day with you, and we are truly blessed to be surrounded with so much love and support. Thank you all for being here and for taking part in making today an unforgettable occasion.

How do you write in loving memory on a wedding program?

The flowers on the unity candle table are in loving memory of those who cannot be here today. Although we cannot see you, we know you are here, smiling down, watching over us as we say “I do”. You are forever in our hearts and in our lives. Today we say our vows in loving memory of you.

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Do we need a wedding program?

For couples looking to keep their ceremony short, a program isn’t necessarily needed unless you ‘d like to give guests an overview of the bridal party, officiant, ring bearers, etc. Your budget is also another thing to keep in mind when deciding if you want to include wedding programs for your ceremony.

How do you write parents name on wedding program?

Many couples list the names of their parents and those within the wedding party, but you can also list the names of your grandparents, step- parents, or great-grandparents. If you’d like a minimalist approach, you can simply write the first and last names of your wedding party.

Who name goes first on wedding program?

The name of the bride always precedes the groom’s name. Formal invitations issued by the bride’s parents refer to her by her first and middle names, the groom by his full name and title; if the couple is hosting by themselves, their titles are optional.

Do you list step-parents on wedding program?

The Wedding Programs If you list family members on your wedding programs, be sure to highlight your stepparents alongside everyone else. One firm rule of etiquette is that couples that are a “social unit” (married, engaged, living together) must be treated as such.

How do you thank guests at a wedding?

15 Ways To Say Thank You To Your Guests

  1. We sincerely thank you for your company, gift, good wishes and for helping to make this day an occasion we will always remember.
  2. Thank you for joining us as we begin our new life together.
  3. Your generosity and thoughtfulness are very much appreciated.
  4. We are honoured to have you as our guest, on this our Wedding Day.
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How do you thank a gracious host?

Thank them again, expressing how much you appreciate their effort. Something like “ Thanks again for having us over for dinner,” or “Once again, thank you for being such a a great host ” will reinforce your message. Look ahead. You can say something like “I hope someday that I have the opportunity to return the favor.”

How do you appreciate a wedding ceremony?

You are what made the day so special to us. ♥ Your families’ presence made our wedding day special and it truly means a lot to have had you there to celebrate with us. ♥ Thank you for your extremely generous gift. Your presence at our wedding was appreciated and we had a great time celebrating with you.

What should I write in a memorial message?

Sympathy Messages and Condolence Quotes

  1. May memories of “name of deceased” and the love of family surround you and give you strength in the days ahead.
  2. Thinking of you and wishing you peace and comfort as you remember “name of deceased”.
  3. Wishing you peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your heart.

How do you honor a deceased grandparent in a wedding program?

Possible headings include “We Remember” and “In Memory Of.” Instead of a header, you can also write a sentence or two, such as “We remember those who are no longer with us.” This sentence will then be followed by the names of your deceased relatives.

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