Readers ask: How To Make Wedding Planning Fun?

Is it normal to not enjoy wedding planning?

If you don’t like the wedding planning process, we can’t stress this enough: You are not alone. This is a common feeling to have. Plenty of brides and grooms experience this at some point during the planning stage, whether it’s just for a day or for the entire process up to the ceremony and even beyond.

What no one tells you about planning a wedding?

What No One Tells You About Planning a Wedding

  • It’s hard.
  • Everything is more expensive than you think.
  • It’s okay to do things your own way.
  • People have an expectation for what a bride (or groom) should be.
  • The wedding is for everyone else.
  • Not everyone will love your wedding.
  • Not everyone will remember or care about your wedding.
  • Everyone will have advice for you.

How do I de stress my wedding planning?

Here are a few ways to reduce wedding planning stress.

  1. Give yourself breaks. It’s easy to get caught up in wedding planning, but don’t let it take over your life.
  2. Talk it out. When in doubt, talk it out.
  3. Try something new.
  4. Hit the gym.
  5. Keep everything organized.
  6. Skip town.
  7. Delegate tasks.
  8. Hire a planner.
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How do I make my wedding not boring?

11 Ways to Make Sure Your Wedding Isn’t Boring

  1. Make introductions at the rehearsal. READ MORE.
  2. Stick to the schedule.
  3. Don’t let guests go hungry.
  4. Plan an exit strategy.
  5. Consider your venue.
  6. Work your seating chart.
  7. Put a time limit on toasts.
  8. Bring in the entertainment.

Why is wedding planning so hard?

Wedding planning can be hard because there are so many moving parts and it is very overwhelming, most of the couples that come to me don’t even know where to start! Often there is a lot of tension between different family members while planning a wedding.

Why wedding planning is so stressful?

Mom and Dad are also the source of some major tension—53% of couples said their parents are the biggest stress -causing culprit, while 33% said it’s their in-laws. “You need to remember the wedding is about you and your future husband, and the life you are starting,” says Nashville-based wedding planner Kelly Dellinger.

What does your wedding day feel like?

Overwhelmed. In addition to feeling some strong emotions, your wedding day may feel surreal and leave you feeling like you are in a different reality. Suddenly,we are surrounded by friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances as we are decked out in a beautiful wedding gown or tuxedo.

How much work is planning a wedding?

Time Spent Planning Based on a typical engagement length of 10 to 18 months, wedding planner Amy Nichols says that couples who are not working with a planner will spend between 200 to 300 hours planning their wedding. That’s the equivalent of eight to twelve full days.

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What do I need to remember for my wedding day?

Your Last-Minute Wedding – Day Checklist

  • Prepare final payments.
  • Have an “insurance policy.”
  • Create tip envelopes.
  • Bring extra cash just in case.
  • Drop your luggage off early.
  • Pack for your honeymoon early.
  • Pack properly for your destination wedding.
  • Have wedding items in place before the big day.

Is it normal to be stressed before wedding?

Bottom line: if you find yourself totally stressed at times throughout your planning process, it’s totally okay —and so, so normal. But if you feel like you’re starting to drown in the unchartered waters that have become your wedding plans, you might want to take a breather, or, better yet, a vacation.

Do you break even on a wedding?

It’s not even possible to ‘ break even ‘ by just ‘covering your plate’. If you think you will, you will be disappointed the day after the wedding. The only way you might be able to ‘make a profit’ is if mommy and daddy paid everything, so there was no out of pocket expense by the bride and groom.

How can I be a calm bride?

7 Ways to Keep the Bride Calm on Her Wedding Day

  1. Have an Emergency Beauty Kit Handy.
  2. Pour Her a Drink.
  3. Help Her Visualize the Honeymoon.
  4. Start an Impromptu Dance Party.
  5. Encourage a Little Meditation.
  6. Remind Her You’re There to Help.
  7. Put on Relaxing Tunes.

How do you entertain a small wedding?

5 Ways To Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained

  1. 1 } Photo and Video Fun. The photo booth trend is still going strong, but oftentimes with a twist!
  2. 2 } Snack and Dessert Stations.
  3. 3 } Live Entertainment.
  4. 4 } Lawn Games.
  5. 5 } Kid-Friendly Activities.
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How can I save money on alcohol for my wedding?

7 Ways to Save on Your Wedding Bar

  1. Buy Your Own Booze. Buying booze at your go-to spot is a lot cheaper than purchasing drinks directly through a caterer.
  2. Pay Per Head, Not Per Drink.
  3. Limit Liquor to Cocktail Hour.
  4. Pass on the Champagne Toast.
  5. Try The ½ Trick.
  6. Serve a Signature Drink.
  7. Eliminate the Most Expensive Options.

How can I make my wedding stand out?

50 Clever Wedding Ideas to Make Your Big Day Stand Out

  1. Hire a roaming raw bar.
  2. Surprise guests with an end-of-the-night food truck.
  3. Pick an unexpected backdrop for your engagement session.
  4. Show ’em some #Natitude.
  5. Guide guests to their seats with take-home wine stoppers.
  6. Frame the scenery.
  7. Forget the flower baskets.
  8. Pack welcome bags with Washington-made goodies.

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