Quick Answer: Where Can You Rent Suits For A Wedding?

How much does it cost to rent a suit for a wedding?

Grooms who are having a formal wedding but do not plan on wearing a tuxedo again may prefer to rent their tuxedo. Typically, groomsmen rent rather than buy their attire as well. On average, tux rental costs in the U.S. range from $100 to $199.

How much does it cost to rent a suit from Men’s Wearhouse?

Renting a tuxedo from Men’s Wearhouse costs about $180 on average. Their discounted tuxes can be as low as $100, and their most-stylish tuxes can cost up to $250 to rent.

Can you rent a suit from Men’s Wearhouse?

We offer one and two week rentals. Please contact the Men’s Wearhouse store nearest you for more information. To be connected to the Men’s Wearhouse nearest you, please call 1-800-776- SUIT (7848), or visit our Store Locator.

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Is it cheaper to rent or buy a suit?

Simply put – as a one-time outlay of cash, renting is the more economical option hands down. The average price of a tux/ suit rental usually comes in around $150-$185. Between buying a suit off the rack with alterations, you won’t come out paying too much more than the rental – and then you own it!

Which suit is best for wedding?

The gray wedding suit: a good option for a formal touch. A classic grey suit is a good option if you would be wearing a morning dress or just morning coat to your wedding. A charcoal grey suit is the second best option after blue for the formal weddings.

How far in advance should you rent a suit?

Typically, giving yourself at least two months before your event is desired, but you can order and receive your rental in as little as three weeks before your event. If you are looking to rent a tuxedo for your wedding, make sure to take advantage of Generation Tux’s free Home Try-On program.

How much does it cost to get fitted for a suit?

Depending on where you live and what you need done, it could cost anywhere between $25 and $100 to tailor a suit. Doing things like shortening pants are cheap and easy, shortening sleeves is relatively easy though complicated if the jacket has buttons on the sleeves.

Who should pay for groomsmen suits?

Whether it’s black-tie, formal or semi-formal attire, by the tradition the groomsmen usually pay for their own suits when buying them outright. As the groom, you’ll have a say in style choices, colors and how smart you want the groomsmen to be dressed.

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How much is a good suit cost?

Mid-range from 6 to 9 hundred and high end over 1000 dollars. The most expensive suits in the world are over $50k USD. Some ‘cheap’ suits are surprisingly well made and will last several years provided they are not worn daily and are well cared for. Look to spend at least $500 for a decent suit.

Does JoS A Bank rent suits?

Tuxedos & Formalwear | Men’s Tuxedo Rental | JoS. A. Bank Clothiers.

How do suit rentals work?

How suit and tuxedo rentals work. When you rent from a local menswear store, you can plan on visiting the shop at least two or three times in person — once to get measured and find your look, another time to pick up and try on your rental, and a third time to return the clothes after the wedding is over.

Is there a difference between a suit and a tuxedo?

The main physical difference between a tux and a suit is that tuxedos have satin details—satin-faced lapels, satin buttons and a satin side-stripe down the pant leg— suits do not. Instead of satin buttons, a suit will usually have bone, plastic or fabric-covered buttons.

Should I rent or buy wedding suit?

Buying a tux can be more cost-effective than renting if he plans to wear it two or more times, either as a best man or groomsman in another wedding, or to any black-tie affair. Renting may be easier on the wallet if he anticipates wearing his wedding -day tux or suit only once.

Do people rent suits for weddings?

A rental suit will cost you around $150, while the price to purchase one of your own starts around $300 (for half-decent quality) and goes up from there. And don’t worry, you can find a stylish, modern rental suit for a fair price—they’re not all boxy, stained or out of style (despite what you may have heard!).

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Why are suit rentals so expensive?

Also because customers may be less frequent than an h&m for instance they probably need to charge more for a profit. In addition most tuxedos are tailored and use nicer and more quality materials which up the price. Plus it’s an upper class luxury so that adds on an extra charge.

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