Quick Answer: How To Ice Wedding Cake?

What icing do you use for wedding cakes?

Fondant, a firm sugar icing, is perhaps one of the most popular wedding cake coatings.

Do you ice the top or sides of a cake first?

Start with top of the cake, spreading the frosting all the way to the edge of the layer. Then, frost the sides. If the cake is on a turntable, spin it around as you frost for an even coating.

Can you stack a cake without dowels?

The only time full dowelling is not necessary for a stacked construction is if the lower tiers are a firm fruit cake or carrot cake. If a light sponge cake or mousse-filled creation, without the dowels the top tiers would simply sink into the lower ones and the cake will topple over.

How much does a 3 tier wedding cake cost?


Servings Tiers Price
75 3 – Tier $250.00
100 3 – Tier $325.00
125 3 – Tier $400.00
150 3 – Tier $475.00
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What is wedding cake flavor?

Wedding cake flavor. The flavor comes from the traditional New Orleans wedding cake: A white, almond- flavored confection, often with a sweetened pineapple filling and butter cream icing.

What buttercream do professionals use?

Swiss meringue buttercream, also known simply as Swiss buttercream, is perhaps the buttercream most commonly used in professional pastry kitchens. This style of buttercream gets its name because it starts out with the process of making Swiss meringue.

Is royal icing good for wedding cakes?

Making royal icing is much easier than you may think… Royal icing is made by beating egg whites and icing sugar together to form a smooth paste. It is then used to coat and decorate a variety of different cakes and biscuits but it is mostly used for decorating wedding cakes.

Do you flip a cake to ice it?

If you ‘ve been frustrated with the traditional way of icing a cake then you are going to want to give the upside down method a shot. Just as long as you can put aside the fear of flipping your cake upside down, you ‘re golden.

Why is my cake falling apart when I ice it?

Cooling cake layers on a cake rack, allows air to circulate and prevents the layers from being “wet” on the bottom. Turning a warm or hot cake out of a baking pan too quickly, will crack and fall apart. Cake layers that cool in the pan too long will stick unless lined with parchment paper.

Do you ice a cake upside down?

Spread a layer of frosting over the sides of the cake using a straight spatula. The icing layer does not have to be thick. You should be icing on the opposite side of the cake from the hand you are using.

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How do you frost a cake without an offset spatula?

The vanilla bakery-style cake: If you don’t have an icing spatula, you can use the back, straight edge of a large knife to smooth your buttercream and then clean up the bottom of your cake plate with a paper towel. Next, take a freezer bag and fill it with your icing.

Is Cream Cheese Frosting good for wedding cake?

Thick Enough For Layer Cakes and Tiered Cakes Like I mentioned above, this frosting has a consistency similar to normal buttercream. This means it’s strong enough to be used on a tiered cake. I get loads of questions and comments asking about cream cheese frosting and wedding cakes!

What is the difference between buttercream and royal icing?

The biggest difference between, say, buttercream frosting and royal icing is texture: buttercream is creamy and soft; royal icing hardens to a candy-like texture. It creates such a smooth, even, and blemish-free surface, it might make you wonder: Is it edible?

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