Often asked: What To Wear To Indian Wedding?

What should a Westerner wear to an Indian wedding?

“If it’s a traditional Hindu ceremony, then women can typically wear sarees or a pantsuit outfit. The reception tends to be a bit more lenient because you’re there to celebrate and you want to be comfortable. Being comfortable is the most important thing at these weddings because it’s easier to move around.”

What do guests wear to an Indian wedding?

Sharara suits, Anarkali suits, and indo-western lehenga suits are suitable choices for the ceremony. Black outfits are acceptable for a Nikah ceremony. Otherwise, as a guest, you can wear a sharara suit even for a South Indian wedding, and a Kanchipuram silk saree for a North Indian one.

What should I bring to an Indian wedding?

Packing Checklist for Out of Town Wedding

  • Outfits (for every function- packing it with the accessories, jewellery and specific shoes helps a lot)
  • Extra hangers.
  • Lingerie.
  • Towels- one big and one small.
  • Extra outfits- Indian and western.
  • A few flat shoes/sandals.
  • Your personalised bridal stuff (if any..
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What should you not do at an Indian wedding?

To make things simple, here are a few do’s and don’ts for Indian wedding celebrations:

  • Don’t bring boxed gifts.
  • Do look the part.
  • Don’t wear the same outfit to events.
  • Do drink responsibly.
  • Don’t dance inappropriately.

Can you wear jeans to an Indian wedding?

Skip the jeans and t-shirts and be formal. We see a lot of weddings held in India are lax in the dress code for men. Accessories are the most important part of Indian outfits. There is so much to buy, but you don’t have to wear everything.

What should a white person wear to an Indian wedding?

Stick to bright colors and avoid the more earthy tones. Speaking of colors, there are a few to avoid. Much like Americans tend to avoid wearing white to a wedding, Indians avoid wearing red. That’s the bride’s color.

How much does the average Indian wedding cost?

An average Indian wedding could cost between 20 lakhs to 5 crores. A person in India is estimated to spend one-fifth of the total wealth accumulated in his lifetime on his wedding. From fashion designers, event planners, florists to caterers, you need to hire an efficient team to make your special day truly incredible.

Can I wear a black saree to a wedding?

Weddings – For a Black Saree Traditional Look So, you can choose a black saree made up of exquisite fabrics like georgette, crepe, silk, chiffon & satin. However, if you want a more traditional look then you can go for some amazing silk sarees as well. So, flaunt a black saree & be a showstopper at any wedding!

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Who pays in an Indian wedding?

Who pays for an Indian wedding? It’s mostly split between the couple and their parents, 50/50. Sometimes however, if one side is insisting on more guests or extra fanfare, then those costs are adjusted.

Why do Indian brides wear red?

Hindu brides are asked to wear red color saree which reflects the image of Durga who is the inner strength of every Indian woman. According to astrology, Mars is the in- charge of marriage and the color of Mars is red. Brides wear this color to signify the symbol of prosperity and fertility.

What a bride needs to buy?

The bridge should make a checklist and make sure the following items are on the list.

  • A comfortable robe. You will not be wearing your wedding dress all day (we hope).
  • Bottled water.
  • Water facial spray bottle.
  • Travel mouthwash.
  • Cell phone charger.
  • Travel-size package of tissues.
  • Blotting papers.
  • Travel sewing kit.

Is there alcohol at Indian weddings?

Hindu weddings do not have alcohol during the ceremony. There may be alcohol present during the pre or post-ceremony parties. Alcohol is especially avoided when a wedding is held inside of a temple. History shows that most Hindu weddings avoided alcohol due to religion.

How long does an Indian wedding ceremony take?

How long is an Indian wedding? A typical Indian wedding timeline stretches about three days. The Hindu wedding ceremony, which takes place on the third day, usually lasts between one-and-a-half to two hours and is then followed by the reception. The whole day clocks around 16 hours.

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What happens after an Indian wedding?

Some time after the wedding, the families hold the Aashirwad ceremony, where they exchange gifts. The bride’s parents, close relatives, and family friends go to the groom’s house and give him their blessings, maybe along with a token gift. That, in essence, is the unique spirit of an Indian wedding.”

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