Often asked: What Is A Wedding Blanket?

What is a Handira?

Known as Moroccan wedding blankets, handira are woven out of sheep’s wool, cotton and linen by Berber women in the Middle Atlas mountains of Northern Morocco. After the wedding ceremony, the bride wears the blanket tied around her neck as a kind of cape.

What is a Handira blanket?

Popularly known as Handira, these wedding blankets are woven from sheep’s wool, linen, and cotton. Similar to most household accessories in the Berber culture, the handiras come from women from the Middle and High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

What is a Moroccan blanket?

What’s a Moroccan wedding blanket — and why is everyone decorating with it. Moroccan wedding blankets, or handira, were traditionally woven by hand in anticipation of a wedding — and thought to bring blessings and good luck to the marriage.”

How do you wash a Moroccan wedding blanket?

4 Answers. My one-time Berber friend who sold me a carpet advised that these blankets and Kelim rugs must be sponged clean by hand using only warm water and a mild non-chemical soap, the natural dyes used in these fabrics are unstable and easily damaged by exposure to prolonged sunlight and chemical washing powders.

What are Moroccan weddings like?

Unlike western weddings at a Moroccan wedding there is almost always a live band and performers. The band has to be good at “chaabi” music ( Moroccan pop music) and also play more traditional “Ala” (Andalusia music) and local music from wherever the bride and/or groom are from.

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Where can I buy Moroccan rugs?

8 Great Sources for Buying Authentic Turkish and Moroccan Rugs on Etsy

  • Beni Ourain Carpets.
  • Decorative Vintage Rug.
  • Boho Flea Market.
  • GVS Carpet.
  • VintPort.
  • Ancient Artdeco.
  • Oldvin Shop.
  • Turkish Area Rug.

What are Moroccan blankets made of?

These are blankets made by Berber weavers in the Atlas mountain in Morocco. They are hand woven from wool that has been handspun and large Pom poms are sewn on the sides. They are made from the traditional Moroccan style and they can be used as bed coverings, rugs, table coverings, and even drapes.

How do you wash Moroccan blankets?

WASHING CARE: The blankets machine wash very well. We recommend washing separate on a cold delicate setting, and dry on low. cotton that is soft to the touch – no scratchy wool!

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