Often asked: How Long Should Wedding Vows Be?

How long should vows?

Wedding vows should be anywhere from 45 seconds to 2 minutes long, per person. You can have your officiant read both of your vows ahead of time to make sure they are of similar length. Many people struggle with writing their wedding vows, let alone keeping them at the right length.

Is 2 minutes too long for vows?

If you feel the need to write your own vows, I’d keep them to under 2 minutes. We wrote our own and I think they were under a minute but I think anything over 2 is too long. I’ve edited mine down to less than 2 minutes.

How long should handwritten vows be?

Shorten your vows to one to two minutes, max. When you say something meaningful, you shouldn’t have to say it over and over—so pick the most important points and make them. If yours are running longer than two minutes, make some edits.

How long is too long for vows?

Make sure your wedding vows are not too long. Keep it under two or three minutes. Even though it is a very, if not the most important part of the wedding, it does not mean that you should drag it out for half an hour. Meaningful things should be said once and not repeated over and over.

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What should I say in my vows?

How to Write Wedding Vows Step by Step

  • Start with a statement about who this person is to you.
  • Continue by saying what it is you love about your partner.
  • Use a story to bring this love to life.
  • Lay out exactly what it is you are promising.
  • Use romantic wedding vows to personalize your promise.
  • Use funny wedding vows to personalize your promise.

What are the best wedding vows?

“I see these vows not as promises but as privileges: I get to laugh with you and cry with you; care for you and share with you. I get to run with you and walk with you; build with you and live with you. I get to have you be the person I spend the rest of my life with. I get to be there for you and support you.

Can vows be too long?

Anything past a minute or two each is just too long to listen to. That said, do what you want. Overall I don’t think guests will mind as long as they are comfortable, your vows are appropriate (I’ve heard some really awkward ones!), and it’s not like sitting through a sermon.

What are wedding vows examples?

I, [name], take you [name], to be my [husband/wife], to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; until death do us part.

Who goes first in wedding vows?

Traditional vows are said by the one officiating your wedding, and then repeated first by the groom and then by the bride. If you choose you could have personal written vow for your officiant to say and then for you to repeat if you don’t want to say the traditional ones.

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What are some good vows?

I will respect you, honor you, and cherish you as long as we both shall live. Today I take you to be my wife and vow to help create for us a life of honesty, fidelity, trust, and love. To love you not as some idea of you, but as you truly are. To grow with you, learn with you, and to live out our days hand in hand.

What are the 7 promises of marriage?

Each phera has a different vow, which is read out by the priest before the couple becomes husband and wife.


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