How To Transport Your Wedding Dress To Bali

How To Transport Your Wedding Dress To Bali

You’ve had your last fitting for your dress and now you just have to find the right fit for getting your wedding dress to Bali.

Your wedding dress is probably the most expensive item of clothing (especially on a cost per wear basis) you’re ever likely to own so it’s natural for you not to want it out of your sight. Unfortunately, that isn’t always an option so we’ve worked out a few safe ways to get your dress to your Bali Wedding.

suitcases stacked upCarry-on

At your final fitting ask the bridal boutique to pack your wedding gown for you into a box or garment bag so that it fits/hangs correctly. They’ll be able to arrange it carefully and protect it by tissue paper.

Most airlines don’t make special allowances for wedding dresses but if you ask nicely and there’s room a thoughtful Cabin Crew member might take pity on the dress and hang it up safely for you.

Ship it

I know this sounds really scary but as long as you pay for priority shipping and ensure your dress to the hilt there shouldn’t be an issue. Similarly to the point above, ask those at your bridal boutique to pack your wedding dress for you and then let the people at Komune Bali know when they should expect your dress to arrive. It’s a good idea to get it shipped to arrive before you get there so there are no last minute freak outs.

Buy your dress a plane ticket

Doing up wedding dressA bit excessive… but if you’ve found ridiculously cheap tickets then it will be well worth the piece of mind. Just make sure you keep it safe from accidental spills in a garment bag.

Tip: The humidity in Bali should iron out any wrinkles in your dress but to be on the safe side pack a portable steamer or failing that hang your dress in your bathroom while you have a hot shower.

Failing that you can always get to Bali early and purchase your dress for your big day on the Island! Take a look at some of our Bali Wedding Dress Options.