How To Make A Wedding Cake With Fondant?

Are wedding cakes made with fondant?

Fondant Wedding Cakes If perfectly smoothed out, the fondant covering your cake will have no wrinkles or cracks. It will literally have an airbrushed effect. Fondant can be used easily to create a plethora of designs around – and on top of – the cake, which is why so many people love this style.

What type of cake is best for wedding?

The Best Wedding Cake Flavor Ideas and Combinations

  • Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cake. A decadent chocolate cake brushed with Chambord Liqueur and filled with dark chocolate ganache and a hint of raspberry preserves.
  • Salted Caramel Cake.
  • Lemon Summer Berry.
  • Tuxedo Torte.

Is wedding cake different than regular cake?

wedding cake tastes better than other cakes because of it’s much better ingredientsit uses real butter not margarine it is made with something such as eggs as much as it is needed.. wedding cakes are premium cakes. they are not mass products..made by order,..

What kind of icing is used on wedding cakes?

Fondant, a firm sugar icing, is perhaps one of the most popular wedding cake coatings.

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How do you cover a cake with fondant without a smoother?

Fondant smoothers are plastic tools that help when covering cakes in fondant but you can achieve a smooth finish without them. Use leftover fondant dough shaped into a ball, dip your hands in cornstarch or use a piece of thick foam to smooth out the fondant on the cake. Roll out prepared fondant 1/4-inch thick.

Why do people use fondant on cake?

Fondant protects cakes from going bad, as it “seals” off the outside surface of the cake. You can prepare the cakes in advance and keep them refrigerated, and they will still taste yummy and fresh a few days later!

Is fondant better than icing?

Fondant is a type of icing that can be either poured or rolled out into a sheet. Fondant is a better option to withstand some of the demands of outdoor events. The taste of fondant is a marshmallow-like flavor and when used correctly doesn’t add much sweetness to the finished cake.

Is fondant cake more expensive?

Fondant is actually more expensive than other icings, which is why most bakers recommend buttercream instead for budget-savvy brides. Buttercream has the same smooth consistency as fondant, but frankly, it’s richer and more palatable.

How far in advance can I make a cake covered in fondant?

Fondant: Fondant can be made 1 day before, up to 5 weeks before cake is due. To store fondant, wrap well in plastic wrap, and place inside an airtight container. Keep at room temperature, away from sunlight.

Can I put fondant on a cold cake?

Absolutely, those who enjoy good weather can put fondant covered cakes in and out of the refrigerator without a second thought. This also allows us to use perishable fillings in fondant cakes.

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