How To Make A Dummy Wedding Cake?

What is a dummy wedding cake?

Dummy cakes (or imitation tiers as those in the cake world like to refer to them) are iced and decorated polystyrene blocks. You can have traditional wedding cake styles with sharp or rounded edges. They also come in all sorts of amazing shapes and sizes where your only limit is your imagination.

How do you make a buttercream dummy cake?

Covering a Dummy Cake With Buttercream

  1. Make sure you attach the cake board with some melted chocolate.
  2. Dummy Cakes are extremely light and for that reason, it’s a pain to keep them in place as you apply the buttercream.
  3. Put your buttercream in a piping bag and apply evenly around the cake.
  4. Smooth using a palette knife or cake smoother.

Can you put buttercream on a dummy cake?

Using buttercream frosting is an easy way to decorate a dummy cake. Buttercream frosting will give the cake a realistic appearance and it will be able to hold up for a long time.

Can I reuse a cake dummy?

Can Cake Dummies be Reused? Cake dummies can be reused, meaning you can use them for multiple projects.

What can I use for fake frosting?

Recipe for fake frosting

  1. 3 cups flour.
  2. 2 tablespoons salt.
  3. 1 cup cold water.
  4. 1 cup hot water.
  5. Food coloring.
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Why do people make fake cakes?

“The pros of using dummy tiers is that you can get crazy extravagant with the décor and size of the cake,” says Cribb. The foam tiers are lighter, so they’re more stable, and they’re easier to stack perfectly straight. “You can do anything with a dummy cake that you can do with real cake,” says Cribb.

Are Fake cakes cheaper?

Let me just say right off the bat that dummy cakes are pretty expensive, so the cost of the fake tier is going to be comparable to the cost of ingredients for a real tier. The only real savings that the baker will see is in the time that it takes to bake the cake.

What do you use cake dummy for?

Cake dummies can be an inexpensive way of providing a cake shaped base or tiered cake. Use a cake dummy to practice icing and decorating a real cake. Cake dummies can be used as displays in shop fronts to show their cake decorating skills.

Do you need to dowel a dummy cake?

Each of your real cakes should be on a cake card before stacking onto the dummy, you don’t need dowels when sticking them together with some ganache or royal icing. You will need to dowel as normal when stacking all the tiers together.

How much does a dummy cake cost?

How much does a dummy cake cost? Typical pricing will range from $7 for a single tier to as much as $45 for a 6-tier set of cake dummies.

How can I practice cake without icing?

I suggest you use royal icing instead of butter icing. Basically made from icing sugar (powder sugar) and egg white, it will cost very little and can still be coloured if necessary. Once you have tried out all the simple styles you scrape it off the board or work surface, mix it well and practice again.

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