How To Handle Beach Wedding Hair

There are a few factors like wind, sun, humidity and salt air to factor in to your hairstyle decision. Choosing the right hair for a beach wedding and that suits you won’t be hard with the help of a good stylist – there are also lots of great hair piece ideas that can help you out as well!

Hair Styles:

Low bun – a loose (loose looking but firmly secured) low bun is a great idea to keep hair at bay in high winds. Brides have the option to add a flowers, chain embellishment, beaded fasteners to tie in with the look of your dress.

Mermaid – loose, flowing natural curls are right on point for a Bali wedding. Just be aware that this style is the hardest to keep looking sleek, but don’t let that bother you as your hairstylist will know how to keep it looking its best.

Half up, half down – this hair style offers the romance of having your hair down but limits flyaways so it’s a great option if you think your day might be particularly windy.

Braids – add some braids into whichever style you’ve chosen, they keep hair in place and who wouldn’t want a ‘Fishtail’ braid by the sea?

Hair Pieces:

Juliet veil – a Juliet veil will help hold your hair in place and will give you a soft ethereal look at the same time.

Floral crown – a floral crown is a really pretty choice for a Boho bride and you can buy one before you leave home or ask your florist to make one for your big day – or 2 if you think it might wilt!

Forehead chain – this style gives off a Gatsby / 70s feel and they can come in really luxe designs using crystals, heavy chain and beads.

We’ve got a list of vendors we recommend so give them a chat and tee up a hair trial before your big day. That way you’ll get a great understanding of how your hairstyle will hold up and what emergency needs – pins, hairspray, ties, combs – you might need on the day.