How Much Does A Wedding In Greece Cost?

How much does a wedding in Santorini cost?

Average Wedding Cost. The average wedding cost in Santorini is 1200 euros. Couples, on average, spend between 800 euros and 6000 euros but, most couples spend less than 2000 euros. This does not include cost for a wedding reception and honeymoon.

How much does a wedding in Athens cost?

For example in Athens the cost of civil marriage is 75 euro for citizens and 100 euro for non-citizens. Civil marriage is free in Thessaloniki and Nea Filadelfia, while we can find the highest fees in Crete (100- 150 euros ). Religious ceremony is certainly more impressive and the best choice for religious couples.

How much does a wedding in Crete cost?

Taking that into consideration, the cost may vary from 1500 to 3000 Euros, depending further on the destination as Santorini island, Mykonos, Athens (Athens Riviera), Paros, Crete, and the number of guests.

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Which country has the most expensive weddings?

The Most Expensive Country to Hire a Venue Our data revealed that France is the most expensive country in the world to hire a wedding venue, costing an average of £9398. This was almost £3000 more than other expensive European destinations including Italy, the UK, Greece and Spain, which were all more than £5000.

Is getting married in Greece expensive?

The average cost of a wedding in Greece is around $19,337 (€16,654).

How many days do you have to be in Greece before getting married?

The process. First you should state your intent to marry. Greece has a funny custom; you must state your intent to marry in a local newspaper or at the local community office or town hall. Plan to do this at least eight days in advance of your wedding day.

Is it cheaper to marry abroad?

Getting married abroad can often be less expensive than the average British wedding. Many couples buy their own tickets and, while the bride’s family may pay for the wedding package, it’s acceptable for guests to pay their own way.

Who pays for a Greek Wedding?

The bride’s parents traditionally plan and pay for the reception. The guests have something of a financial role at the reception as well, however: Guests at a Greek wedding are encouraged to pin money to the bride’s gown as she dances.

Is it easy to get married in Greece?

Both civil and religious marriage ceremonies are legally recognized in Greece, and foreigners can choose to marry in either a civil or religious ceremony, or both. The legal minimum age for marriage in Greece is 18 years for both men and women, however it is possible for younger couples to marry with a court order.

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Where is the best place to get married in Greece?

The following locations are popular destinations for getting married in Greece:

  • Santorini. Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and it would be a one-lifetime experience to enjoy with your loved ones!
  • Peloponnese. This area in Greece has a great history and rich mythology!
  • Sifnos.
  • Zante and Corfu.

Can you get married on a beach in Greece?

Beach Weddings in Santorini & the Greek Islands Greece has endless beaches, which create a natural choice for an idyllic beach wedding that you will remember for a lifetime. Whether you are looking for an intimate beach ceremony or a classy event, your beach wedding in Santorini or the Greek islands can come true.

Where do people get married in Greece?

Santorini, being the most popular wedding destination amongst the Greek islands, offers an array of wedding venues with breathtaking views and high quality services. Known as the most romantic destination worldwide, Santorini is something like the hidden gem of the Aegean Sea.

Where is the cheapest destination wedding?

Best Cheap Destination Wedding Locations

  • Jamaica.
  • Costa Rica.
  • Tulum.
  • Cozumel.
  • Curacao.
  • Puerto Vallarta.
  • Trinidad & Tobago.
  • Newport, RI.

What is the biggest wedding in history?

According to Guinness World Records, the most expensive wedding ever officially recorded took place in Versailles, France in 2004, and racked up an eye-watering $55m (£42.4m) price tag. The happy bride and groom were Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia.

What is the biggest wedding on earth?

#1 Prince Charles & Diana – $110 million Witnessed personally by 3,500 people and broadcasted to 750 million TV viewers from around the globe the Royal Wedding between Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981 is simply the most expensive wedding ever.

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