The Hottest Bali Wedding Trends

Getting married in Bali? It’s easy to envision a destination wedding in paradise-like Bali — vows exchanged by the beach, cocktails at sunset, dancing under the moonlight…. But any bride needs a bit of help nailing down the details that would make her big day truly beautiful and memorable.

Here are some of the hottest trends in Bali weddings plus tips on how to make your dream day more picture-perfect!

Sustainable Weddings

Let’s talk green. It’s amazing how industries are rising up to the occasion of helping the planet heal by making more sustainable choices. The wedding industry is no different, thus this wonderful trend.

Here are a few things you can do to make your wedding more “green”:

  • Start with paperless invites. Instead of printing out your invitations, send them out digitally instead!
  • Ask your guests to donate to environmental organisations that you support in lieu of gifts.
  • Support small businesses within the vicinity of your wedding. By choosing local wedding vendors in Bali, you’ll be minimising your carbon footprint and boosting the local economy as well.

Intimate Weddings

Small, intimate weddings started gaining popularity a few years back and it is expected to be more or less the norm after the pandemic. But coronavirus or not, small weddings are appealing for a number of reasons: they are more romantic, less stressful to plan, more cost-effective, and also eco-friendly.

  • Begin with narrowing down your guest list. Invite only your dearest and closest family and friends.
  • Consider having virtual attendees. In the era of Zoom conferences, it’s not weird at all to have guests on a screen.
  • Or you can livestream your wedding. You can keep your actual guest list small without excluding anyone else who wants to be part of your big day by streaming your wedding on Facebook live.

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Creating a unique hashtag for your wedding is the mother of all wedding customisation. And we’re here for it! More than branding your big day, a hashtag can be helpful in curating social media posts and creating a sense of community among your guests. So how do you come up with the perfect wedding hashtag?

  • Most wedding hashtags are wordplays on the couple’s names. The simplest option is to smash your names together ala Brangelina (we’re still mourning their split!).
  • You can also think of witty phrases where you can replace syllables with your names. Here’s a classic: #TwoWongsMakeARight
  • When all else fails, there are many wedding planners that offer this a service! You might be surprised by what they come up with.

Why Choose Bali For Your Wedding

Go Acrylic

Looking for a unique decoration idea? Swap chalkboards for acrylic signage! The awesome thing about acrylic signs is that they are fully customisable and they are versatile — you can create an acrylic sign for just about any kind of wedding theme. Also, there are multiple ways to use them:

  • Welcome your guests to the wedding or reception venue with a big acrylic sign.
  • Prop them on tables for an easy-to-follow seating guide.
  • Use them as a menu that could double as a souvenir.

Weddings at Hotel Komune Bali

Hotel Komune Bali is the perfect venue for the beachfront wedding that you’re dreaming of.

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