FAQ: Where To Buy Wedding Rings Online?

Where is the best place to buy wedding rings?

Here are the top places to buy the best engagement ring online:

  • James Allen – Along with Blue Nile, they are the best.
  • Blue Nile – Along with James Allen, the best out there.
  • Brian Gavin Diamonds – Best for Super Ideal Cut Diamonds.
  • Abe Mor – Great option for budgets over $50,000.
  • Leibish & Co.

Where can I buy rings online?

Read on for the best places to buy engagement rings online.

  • Etsy. Buy on Etsy.
  • Zales. Buy on Zales.com.
  • Gemist. Buy on Gemist.co.
  • Ritani. Buy on Ritani.com.
  • Kay Jewelers. Buy on Kay.com.
  • Vrai. Buy on Vrai.com.
  • Catbird. Buy on Catbirdnyc.com.
  • Blue Nile. Courtesy of Blue Nile.

Is Etsy a good place to buy wedding rings?

Etsy is a good place to buy an engagement ring, especially if you’re looking for something unique or vintage-inspired—you might even be able to find a rare antique piece. Since Etsy is a marketplace, though, it’s important to vet the seller and product before purchasing an expensive piece of jewelry.

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Is it safe to buy engagement rings online?

Is it safe to buy a diamond online? As long as you go with a trusted online jeweler like Blue Nile or James Allen, absolutely. Obviously, many people are skeptical about buying engagement rings online. These are all valid concerns, BUT, any reputable online jeweler has these covered.

Are Costco Diamonds good quality?

Quality. The quality of the diamonds Costco sell is questionable considering most of them come with no accreditation whatsoever. You would expect them to at least have been certified by IGI but all you get when you purchase a diamond ring under a certain carat from Costco is their own appraisal for insurance purposes.

Is Zales or Kay better?

BOTH of these retailers are quite similar. In fact, they share a parent company (SIGNET). However, Kay tends to have a wider selection of engagment rings and customization options, PLUS a better overall online purchasing experience.

Why is James Allen so cheap?

James Allen diamonds are affordable because they do not house their own diamonds, they are completely internet-based, and have such a huge inventory. The money they save on overhead allows them to offer lower prices to their customers.

Where is the best place to buy diamonds online?

The 4 Best Online Diamond Retailers For Engagement Rings

  • #1: James Allen – Seeing is Believing.
  • #2: White Flash – Ideal Cut Diamonds And Designer Settings.
  • #3: Brian Gavin Diamonds – Ideal Cut Diamonds And Designer Settings.
  • #4: Blue Nile – World’s Largest Online Retailer.
  • Conclusion: The Best Online Diamond Stores.
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Where should you not buy diamonds?

A responsible jeweler will know every step in the path from mine to market. If he doesn’t, move on. *Avoid diamonds that come from countries like Zimbabwe and Angola, where human rights abuses in and around mines have been well documented by organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

What is the most popular wedding ring in 2020?

Take a look at what we believe will be the most popular engagement ring trends of 2020 — here in Portland and beyond.

  • Colorful gemstones & diamonds.
  • Oval halo diamonds.
  • Geometric-shaped rings.
  • Skinny bands.
  • Stackable engagement ring.
  • Salt and pepper rings.
  • The classic solitaire.

Can you trust Etsy jewelry?

The simplest answer is that Etsy is about as safe as other big online retailers such as Amazon and eBay. This means that while there are some bad actors on the platform the vast majority of them are reputable vendors with years-long practices and a lot of goodwill from their customers.

Is it safe to order through Etsy?

If you supply materials for a custom order from a shop, you do so at your own risk. In some circumstances, Etsy may use a third-party encryption service, SendSafely, to securely request additional information to confirm a transaction, such as a copy of government-issued photo ID.

Is it cheaper to buy engagement rings online?

Are Engagement Rings Cheaper Online? In most cases, engagement rings are 30-40% cheaper online than they are in physical stores. Because of the way diamonds are sold and distributed, diamonds are less expensive for online vendors.

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How many carats should an engagement ring be?

The average total carat size for engagement rings, including any diamonds on the setting, is 2 carats, Miles said.

How much should a man spend on an engagement ring?

General Rule: You should spend at least 2 months salary on the engagement ring. If, for example, you are making $60,000 per year, you should spend $10,000 on the engagement ring.

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