FAQ: What To Ask When Looking At Wedding Venues?

What questions should I ask when looking for a wedding venue?

Questions to ask your wedding venue

  • Is the venue available on the date you need it?
  • How many guests can the banquet room accommodate?
  • What are their wedding packages and what is included?
  • What other events are going on at the venue on the same day?
  • Is there another event scheduled for your room at a different time during the same day?

What do you wear to look at wedding venues?

Struggling to decide what to wear to a wedding venue tour? Here are some words of wisdom to help you pick the right outfit.

  • Dress up a bit—but not too fancy.
  • Show off your style.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Find out if there’s a dress code.
  • Take extra care if you’re touring during another wedding.
  • Consider the weather.

What should I ask at my final venue walkthrough?

Unsure exactly what to discuss? These are the must- ask questions every final venue walk – through should cover to tie up any loose ends.

  • What time can we arrive with our wedding party?
  • What time can our vendors access the space and what time do they need to be out?
  • Can we go over the flow of the event?
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What do I need to know about wedding venues?

To get your wedding venue up to snuff ASAP, prioritize the following projects:

  • Water and utilities. Identify a water supply and connect utilities.
  • Bathrooms. Restrooms are essential to making your event space usable and code-compliant.
  • Catering space.
  • Shelter.
  • Venue size.
  • Parking.

Can you negotiate wedding venue price?

” Venues often have a base price to cover, so while they sometimes can ‘t reduce their pricing, they might be able to throw in add-ons at low or no cost,” Ganderson says. ” Negotiating to add extras may be much more realistic than asking a venue to charge less for their standard package.”

How many wedding venues should you look at?

First off, there is no magic number for how many you should visit, however it is important to ensure you are viewing the right venues that are likely to be suitable for you. Some couples will view 2-3, some 4-5 and some may only view the one.

What happens when you tour a wedding venue?

The wedding venue tour is a walk-through of the potential venue which allows you to see the space itself. Sometimes, everything you see and read online isn’t exactly as you expected it. The tour allows you to see it for yourself and ask all of your questions.

How do you tour a wedding venue?

Wedding Venue Tips: Make The Most Of Your Site Visit

  1. You found a venue you LOVE on HereComesTheGuide.com, so you decide to schedule a tour. Great!
  2. Be prepared. Our top tip?
  3. Make appointments.
  4. Bring a notebook—paper or digital!
  5. Take pictures.
  6. File everything.
  7. Bring a checkbook or credit card.
  8. Confirm all the details.
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How long does it take to tour a wedding venue?

2. How long does it take to tour a wedding venue? Most wedding venue tours last about 45 minutes to an hour for a standard visit and consultation with the guide. If your venue is being held on an extensive property (think estates, farms, and university campuses), you should budget an additional hour or two.

What should I ask my event venue?

The Top 10 Questions to Ask a Venue Before Booking Your Event

  • Can the venue handle the number of guests I’m having?
  • What is my budget?
  • What type of event am I having?
  • Can I use my own caterer?
  • What hours do I have for my party?
  • Are there extra charges for audio/visual, parking, corkage fees, WiFi?
  • Is parking on-site?

What is a wedding walkthrough?

This “final” walkthrough is to confirm all venue-related details with your ceremony and/or reception venue. If you’ve booked a caterer, sometimes they’ll come too but typically, it’s just you, your partner, and a representative from the venue.

What is a wedding walk through?

The walk through is the last time you are in the wedding reception venue with your clients before the big day. It is a chance to iron out all of the last minute details, get all questions answered, and get all important parties on the same page.

How do you start a wedding speech?

How to Start Your Wedding Speech

  1. Always Introduce Yourself. Whether you’re the groom and everyone is there because you invited them or you’re the best man who has flown in from overseas for the occasion, it’s always polite to introduce yourself.
  2. Make Eye Contact.
  3. Have Notes to Hand.
  4. Don’t Drink Too Much.
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Is it profitable to own a wedding venue?

Owning a wedding venue can be a very profitable business, but not if you take on too much debt. This business is a lot of work, and if you get in over your head in terms of debt and assume you’ll book 50, or 100, or 150 weddings a year, you could find yourself working nonstop and breaking even.

Why are wedding venues so expensive?

Weddings are expensive because it takes a lot of people to pull it off and they all need to be paid fairly. From the seamstress making your dress to the waiter serving your wine, a lot of man-hours go into creating your wedding day.

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