FAQ: How Much To Hire A Suit For A Wedding?

How much does it cost to rent a suit for a wedding?

Grooms who are having a formal wedding but do not plan on wearing a tuxedo again may prefer to rent their tuxedo. Typically, groomsmen rent rather than buy their attire as well. On average, tux rental costs in the U.S. range from $100 to $199.

Is it cheaper to buy or rent wedding suits?

#1 – Budget. Simply put – as a one-time outlay of cash, renting is the more economical option hands down. The average price of a tux/ suit rental usually comes in around $150-$185. Between buying a suit off the rack with alterations, you won’t come out paying too much more than the rental – and then you own it!

How much is it to hire a suit UK?

Evening-wear starts from £40 or Morning-wear starts from £57 for a two-piece suit. Dinner Suit packages include a Dinner Suit plus shirt, bow tie and a matching cummerbund. Add a waistcoat to your hire for an extra £5.

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How much does it cost to rent a suit at Moores?

$99.99 Complete Rental Packages: $99.99 applies to the complete rental package styled with Joseph & Feiss 1872 and Wilke-Rodriguez 1892 tuxedos. Taxes and additional fees apply. $49.99 Coat and Pants Rental: $49.99 applies to Joseph & Feiss 1872 and Wilke-Rodriguez 1892 coat and pants only.

How far in advance should you rent a suit?

Typically, giving yourself at least two months before your event is desired, but you can order and receive your rental in as little as three weeks before your event. If you are looking to rent a tuxedo for your wedding, make sure to take advantage of Generation Tux’s free Home Try-On program.

Which suit is best for wedding?

The gray wedding suit: a good option for a formal touch. A classic grey suit is a good option if you would be wearing a morning dress or just morning coat to your wedding. A charcoal grey suit is the second best option after blue for the formal weddings.

Does the best man pay for anything?

Traditionally, the best man purchases a gift from the couple’s wedding registry or gives cash. However, if the best man would prefer to give a more creative or sentimental gift that’ s not on the registry that he feels the couple would love, that’s okay, too.

Do people rent suits for weddings?

A rental suit will cost you around $150, while the price to purchase one of your own starts around $300 (for half-decent quality) and goes up from there. And don’t worry, you can find a stylish, modern rental suit for a fair price—they’re not all boxy, stained or out of style (despite what you may have heard!).

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What is the average cost of a suit?

A solid price point for the first suit should be around $500, give or take a little. There are plenty of options around and below that amount, but avoid very inexpensive suits, as they are often poor quality and will look cheap.

How much should I budget for grooms suit?

In the mid-range, a groom can buy a nice suit for between $300 and $800. And, on the high end, it costs about $800 to $1,500 and up to purchase a quality designer wool or linen tuxedo or suit. The average groom’s tuxedo or suit cost is $197, according to the Bridal Association of America[1].

How much does a groom’s suit cost UK?

A fully bespoke suit could be around £1000 and a tailored suit might cost £500 or more.

Do next hire suits?

Make a statement in the office with our collection of work suits in a range of fits, as well as tuxedos and dinner jackets if the occasion calls. Our range of suits features this season’s must-have trends, including bold checks, double-breasted and slim fit styles.

Where can I get an inexpensive suit?

Here are some of the best suits you can get without dropping a lot of dough.

  • H&M. Courtesy. Checked Suit.
  • Zara. Courtesy. Jade Suit.
  • Mango. Courtesy. Slim Fit Check Suit.
  • Banana Republic. Courtesy. Standard Gray Plaid Linen Suit.
  • Express. Courtesy. Green Cotton Sateen Suit.
  • Perry Ellis. Courtesy.
  • River Island. Courtesy.
  • Topman. Courtesy.

What comes with a suit rental?

All tuxedo rental packages includes your tuxedo coat, with choice of any style tuxedo pant, choice of any style formal shirt, chocie any color or pattern vest or cummerbund, choice of any bowtie or long tie, and choice of studs and cufflinks.

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How do suit rentals work?

How suit and tuxedo rentals work. When you rent from a local menswear store, you can plan on visiting the shop at least two or three times in person — once to get measured and find your look, another time to pick up and try on your rental, and a third time to return the clothes after the wedding is over.

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