Bali Beach Wedding Best Time of Year

Do’s and Don’ts of Bali Weddings

A wedding in the paradise island of Bali is many couples’ dreams. It’s like being in a fairy tale for your first day as husband and wife, but not without the challenges. Before that special day, you’ll experience the stress of preparing for a destination wedding.

Not to worry, though. We’ve compiled the do’s and don’ts of Bali weddings to help with your preparations.

Make early reservations

The wedding season in Bali runs from April to October, which is also the dry season on the island. This means that aside from other engaged couples, you’ll also be competing with holidaymakers for reservations with hotels, party venues, and restaurants. So, make sure to book early to get the venues you like at your target wedding date.

Of course, you can always get married in Bali on any day of the year. Don’t be afraid of the rainy season. Rains usually occur at night and are rather short. There are also many ways to prepare in case it rains during your nuptials. If you want to have an easier time making reservations, you should seriously consider a Bali wedding during the off-season.

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Think about the legal aspects

Not all weddings in Bali are legally binding. Many couples choose to have a symbolic celebration and do the legal paperwork at home instead.  If this is your plan, then you’ll have easier wedding preparations ahead. But if you’re set to make an official marriage, do some research on how to process legal paperwork in Bali.

Your wedding planner will be able to help you with this. Wedding celebrants also include legal processing in their services. If you’re going for a religious wedding, also make sure that the priest, rabbi, or pastor is licensed to officiate legal weddings in Bali.

Get a Wedding Planner

Being a perfect place to exchange vows, Bali is also home to plenty of wedding vendors that can help make your wedding even more special. But this will not make your preparations any less stressful. In fact, shopping around for the best wedding vendors in Bali will take most of your time, not to mention the negotiation and planning parts once you’ve made your choice.

That’s why it’s best to get a great wedding planner, who will take these tasks off your hands and let you enjoy your time in Bali instead. This person knows the ins and outs of the wedding industry and will have an easier time picking the best vendors for your wedding.

Moreover, a wedding planner is an expert in managing an entire wedding. That includes the venue, entertainment, stylists, decorations, the logistics, the schedule, and contingency plans. Great, right? This leaves you to do less and gives you more time for beauty rest for the big day.

Work within Your Budget

With the many amazing wedding venues, vendors, and packages available in Bali, it will be easy to lose track of your budget and overspend. A destination wedding is already expensive on its own, what with the costs of flights, accommodations, and daily expenses. But if you will not be mindful of the other wedding-related costs, then you may find your savings vanishing easily.

So, make sure to work within your budget. A Bali wedding alone is already awesome so you can skip the extravagances and just stick with the basic packages. You may want to limit your alcohol servings because it’s rather costly in Bali. It will also help cut the overall cost of your Bali wedding by condensing your guest list and inviting only the closest relatives and friends.

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Choose the right wedding venue

Last but not least, you should find a wedding venue that captures the beauty of Bali. The island has long stretches of breath-taking beach that will make your ceremony more magical and your wedding photos more stunning. Therefore, it’s best to have a beachfront wedding venue in Bali to get all these amazing perks.

Hotel Komune Bali is the best beachfront venue you can find in Bali to hold your wedding. Located at the beautiful Keramas Beach, our beach resort offers an incredible backdrop for wedding ceremonies, complemented with an ultimate wedding and reception package for the most magical wedding can experience in Bali.

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