How much does a destination wedding in Bali cost?

So, you’ve decided to get married overseas and have picked Bali as your wedding destination — here is where the planning starts! It might seem like a lot to plan for, but it can be easy if you’ve done your research and considered all your options.

But where to start? We’ll break it down for you.

Keep in mind that wedding prices are just guidelines. Everything can be customised and arranged as you like, and no two weddings (or budgets) are alike at Komune Bali.

Below is a basic list of items to consider putting on your budget list:

  • Wedding, non-legal commitment, or vow renewal ceremony conducted by a local celebrant
  • Venue hire
  • Venue décor
  • Accommodation
  • Catering and beverages
  • Cake
  • Flowers (bouquets & boutonnieres)
  • Music: DJ or band
  • Hair and makeup
  • Photography and videography
  • Family and friends activities (pre and post-wedding)

Extras to consider:

  • Fireworks
  • Extra entertainment like fire dancers
  • Cocktail bar or champagne bar
  • Wedding stylist

Wedding Location

Bali has endless wedding venue options. From hotels, resorts, beaches, private villas — the only limitation is your own imagination.

The total cost of your dream wedding will largely depend on the type of venue you select, the time of year you choose to have your wedding, the number of guests that will be attending, the type of food and drinks you choose, and the type of extras you want to make your special day all you’ve dreamed of.

Many hotels in Bali can help create a customised wedding package based on exactly what you’re looking for. At Komune, all our Bali wedding packages are totally custom, but you can expect a small wedding to start around $6,500 USD with larger weddings starting around $10,500 USD

Wedding Ceremony

The cost will largely depend on what type of ceremony you pick. We recommend doing your research to decide what’s best for you. If you’re not sure, our wedding planning team can help guide you.

Non-legal commitment, vow renewal and blessing ceremonies can start from a few hundred dollars and up. Full legal wedding ceremonies will cost in the low thousands. However, many hotel wedding packages will have this cost included.

Venue Hire & Décor

Time to pick a venue and select your theme! Many hotels will have a selection of wedding venues to choose from, and they will also have wedding planners and stylists to make the venue everything you want and more.

At Komune, we have multiple wedding venues, from our Wedding Lawn to our Beach Deck.

Having your hotel connect you with their preferred venue decor options will tend to save you quite a bit, plus you know you’re working with trustworthy and reliable businesses.

As for the décor, Komune Hotel Bali can provide anything from lighting, flower confetti, flower carpets to wedding table décor. Again, each wedding is different and budgets are different, but you should plan for this cost to be in the low thousands.

Wedding Accommodation in Bali

Hotels and resorts accommodation is fairly easy to arrange. Many resorts will have package deals for you and your guests, while some will have complimentary suites for the lucky couple. Komune Hotel Bali provides brides and grooms with a special code to use to give their guests a discount on their wedding accommodation in Bali.

Catering, Beverages, and Cake

This element really varies depending on whether you would like to include canapes, have a sit-down gourmet meal, a gourmet grill set up, and/or a varied number of courses.

Drinks packages also vary. We recommend avoiding combined food and drink packages and simply arranging for a bar tab. It’s the way to get the best bang for your buck and ensure that the drinks you want are served.

Food and drink will be a significant portion of your budget, so allocate between a third to a half of your budget to this area.

In terms of the cake, depending on the intricacy of design and specific food requirements, many hotels can arrange this for your special date.

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers are an element that really helps set the atmosphere. A very basic flower set up should be around a thousand dollars, but all will depend on what kind of flowers you want and how many. Using imported flowers or out of season flowers will spike your spend considerably.

If you choose to go with a hotel wedding package some of these flowers may be included and you may only need to purchase you personal flowers (bouquets and boutonnieres).

Wedding Music: DJ or Band

Your wedding planner or venue can help arrange wedding entertainment. If you’re looking for a great DJ, we’ve rounded up our top wedding DJs in Bali.

We can also arrange for a live band, from a soloist to a 5 piece band. Costs will vary depending on what kind of music you’d like, popularity and timing of your wedding.

Sound systems are also important to think about. Many hotel venues will have their own systems they can provide you with.

Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup are very important to any bride. It’s safe to budget between $100 – $200 per person for makeup and hairstyling.

Many people will arrange for the makeup artist and hairstylist to stick around until the evening, or have them start earlier in the morning – this will have its own additional costs and price varies from artist to artist.

Photography and Video

Photography is essential to help you capture the magic of your wedding day. Some hotels and venues can arrange a photographer for you, although you are free to select your own as well.

We recommend doing your research; take a look at portfolios and ask specifically for other wedding projects a photographer or videographer has done in the past. Prices vary from professional to professional, but it’s safe to budget somewhere in the low thousands.


Extras may include items such as a cocktail hour, fireworks, and additional entertainment. The sky’s the limit! At Komune, we can accommodate almost any extra request you have.

It is important to note that the above estimates and suggestions are just that, estimates and suggestions – they do not dictate how much you should spend and what you should or shouldn’t include on your wedding day. Planning takes time, make sure to give yourself and your planner at least a year in advance to plan out all these details.

Do you have any questions? Our wedding planning team is here to help – Get in contact, and let’s get planning.