Choosing A Guest Dress For A Beach Wedding

Choosing A Guest Dress For A Beach Wedding

A beach wedding is fun, creative, and can bring a unique experience to all guests. It’s also a perfect opportunity to wear some comfortable yet stylish dresses. If you are having difficulty in choosing your beach wedding guest dresses, then worry no more. We’ll give some ideas that can help you dress well for a beach wedding.

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Go for the lighter fabric

One of the reasons why couples choose outdoor wedding venues like beaches are to get the feeling of freedom and ease. It should, therefore, translate to all elements of the wedding, including the dresses. Wear something with lightweight and breathable material like silk and mesh fabrics. Avoid wearing those that stick to the skin. Instead, choose a dress that is loose and free-flowing.

For men, skip denim and go for light-coloured cotton or linen pants. Leave the tie at home too. A good looking plain or patterned button shirt alone will do. If you want a more stylish look, wear light-coloured blazers instead of a traditional heavy coat.

Wear flat shoes

It’s very hard to walk on the sand with heels. Sure, they look great, but you would want comfort more than looks at a beach wedding. Wear something like boat shoes and sandals that pair nicely with your dress or pants. Women’s wedges will work too. Aside from the wedding motif colours, nude and neutral colours will also work well on your feet. Going sockless is also an option.

Consider the sun and the ocean breeze

While you want to have a great attire, it’s also a good idea to protect yourself from the heat of the sun. A good accessory to wear at a beach wedding is a hat for protection. Avoid wearing black or other dark-coloured dresses. Sleeved shirts and dresses are most ideal for both men and women and don’t forget to use sunscreen.

On the other hand, you may find the temperature is cooler on the day of the wedding, especially if the wedding is in the cooler seasons, which can happen in places such as Bali. If you are attending a beach wedding that goes into the evening, don’t forget to bring a nice shawl or cardigan to help you warm up.

Another thing to consider is the chance of the weather suddenly changing resulting in occasional strong wind. Consider your dress length, make sure to wear mid to full-length skirts and maxi dresses. You can also wear folded or ruffled dresses, which would stay down despite catching some wind.

Incorporate outdoor elements

The ocean, the sun, the sand and the sky – these are the primary elements of the beach that you should incorporate when choosing your beach wedding guest dresses. Choose lighter and cool colours that fit the couple’s wedding motif. Floral designs are always welcome.

What to wear to a formal beach wedding

Some couples might still prefer formal attire on their special day regardless of the venue. In which case, men should wear the usual suit and tie but stick to light neutral colours of grey, brown or khaki to be more beach appropriate. On the other hand, women should wear long gowns or dresses. Try to find the lightest material for your gown or suit without being too casual looking.

What not to wear

Beach weddings are usually more casual. However, you should still consider the formality of the occasion. It is inadvisable to wear your usual beach attire like shorts, flip-flops, tank tops, or sleeveless shirts. On the other hand, tuxedos and cocktail dresses might be too formal for the wedding venue. Plus, they would be very uncomfortable to wear under the sun. So, unless the couple specifically requests this, you would be better off with lighter and breathable dresses.

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