Why Choose Bali For Your Wedding

Why Choose Bali For Your Wedding?

A wedding in Bali isn’t only for those with deep pockets! With sensible budgeting and proper planning, even the most frugal couples can have their dream overseas wedding in this tropical paradise.

Destination Weddings In Bali

When it comes to destination weddings, Bali takes the top spot with its exotic location and beautiful tropical vibe. But the question is, isn’t this going to be too expensive? While it would cost more than a wedding in your hometown, you’d be surprised at how much more affordable it is than initially expected.

 But if you want to know what truly makes it special, then read on.

Great Backdrop Everywhere

Wedding reception venue on the beach

In Bali, you don’t have to go far to look for a perfect background — it follows you. You’d rarely have a hard time picking one spot over another for your big day because it’s gorgeous almost everywhere.

But more than a good background, these same places are meant to be explored and have adventures in making them great honeymoon destinations for adventurous or beach-bumming couples as well.

Famous spots that you’ll hear a lot about are Ubud, Kuta, and Lovina.

Before the Big Day

Bali Beach Wedding Best Time of Year

When guests arrive for the wedding, you don’t have to worry about keeping them entertained. Chances are, they’ve already planned how they’ll enjoy their stay in Bali.

If you are thinking about bonding with the groomsmen and the bridesmaids, there are many activities to choose from. All you have to do is pick what’s right for you.

Hen’s Party

  • Fitness and Relaxation – You can start the day with yoga, meditation, swimming, biking and even surfing. The day ends with a massage and spa treatment to relax your tired muscles. To get this experience, you can look for Bali Goddess Retreats Escape Retreat or Mind, Body, Soul – Surf Bali.
  • Glamping Abroad – Do you love the sounds of nature? You can hear all of that and still be comfortable with a good bed, bath and running water. Contact Sandat Glamping tentsto experience their version of luxury. When you’re done living in comfort, you can try their sunrise trek to Mt. Batur.
  • Party in Paradise – While in Bali, you should party. Visit Ku De Ta, Pyramid Club, VH Bali and La Favela for a night out with the girls dancing and having a few drinks just like how you might have your hen party back at home. But this time, you get to enjoy a tropical flair.
  • Banquet for Everyone – Complete your travel experience by trying the local dishes. Head over to Ubud and prepare yourself for dazzling flavours. You can also try the Bali Food Safari, Bali Culinary Tours, and Spice Bazaar and experience fine dining and street food. Vegans can rest easy and try something for them at Yoga Barn.

Buck’s Party

  • Keep Things Action-Packed – The guys will surely get their competitive spirit on as they try a paintball battle from Bali paintball Arena or Paintball Bali Pertiwi. If you’re not in the mood for competition but still want to work your muscles, you can try Ninja Camp and go abseiling, canyoning and freediving while enjoying the great view.
  • Enjoy the Night – What’s a drink with the guys without music and dancing? Kuta is buzzing with great places where you can drink and party like there’s no tomorrow. Or if you want to party in a boat under the night sky, you can to Gili for the Jiggy Boat Party Gili.
  • Scale Mountains – This is an opportunity any mountaineer groom shouldn’t miss. Arrange a trek to Mount Agung and coordinate with Bali Trekking Four for a safe and beautiful hike that finishes at 6:00 am with the perfect view of the sunrise. Don’t make the mistake of going without a guide because that’d be dangerous.
  • Have Peace – A place surrounded by wonderful beaches and forests, is sure to have lots of people wanting a piece of the action. But you can run away from crowded places and stay in boutique hotels or just somewhere affordable with a breathtaking view over at Lombok, Amed, and Lovina.

The cost

A lot of couples worry that a Bali wedding would be way beyond their budget but in reality, a destination wedding is one way to save money compared with a wedding in your hometown.

This is mainly because your guest list will be smaller as it would be hard for others to fit an overseas trip in their schedule. Also, services in Bali are more affordable and with fewer guests, you can go lavish on the food, accommodations, and more.

Stay longer for your honeymoon

Bali is a famous honeymoon destination, and if you like, you can start with it right away. This time, there would be no more planning, no more last-minute woes, and no jet lag because you’re right where you have to be. All that’s left to do is to see more of Bali and enjoy every moment of it as Mr. and Mrs.

Think about it

If you’re seriously considering having your wedding in Bali, then it’s time to tell your partner about it. You can start looking at wedding packages online together and talk about the offers, cost and everything in between.

The team at Komune Bali partner with you on the exciting journey of planning your wedding, ensuring your special day is just that; your special day, and an experience you and your guests will never forget.

Send us an online enquiry and just like that, you become one step closer to having your dream overseas wedding.