The Best Wedding Cakes in Bali

Mouth Watering Works of Art

The day. The moment. The instant you look into your partner’s eyes and vow your life together. You are engulfed in emotions, feelings and an all-encompassing awareness of now. All your senses are on high alert. The lighting of the sky, the wind against your skin, the music ringing through the air. It is a day of euphoria and a day to indulge. Continue reading The Best Wedding Cakes in Bali

Best Wedding Entertainment in Bali

It’s very important to remember when planning your wedding that… It is a celebration!

It’s the time to enjoy every moment and have fun! To laugh, smile and create lasting memories. Bringing family and friends together to celebrate the lasting love and union between two people. Continue reading Best Wedding Entertainment in Bali

Best Wedding DJs in Bali

Planning a wedding can be approached in several ways and it will often reflect certain aspects of your personality. There’s the “check-lister”, “micro-manager”, the “I have no idea what I’m doing”, but our personal favourite is the “I just want to love you and dance the night away”.

Well, what better way to do that than by enlisting one of Bali’s renowned DJ’s that will have the night flowing and your feet moving? From romantic tunes to mellow sunset vibes and late night sets, there is a DJ for you. Continue reading Best Wedding DJs in Bali

Best Wedding Photographers in Bali

If only one could relive their wedding day over and over. The fluttering butterflies, being surrounded by all those dear to you. The way the light gleamed through the swaying palm trees and illuminated the smile of the one you love. We might not be able to jump into a time machine, but we can capture these special moments and feelings (just take a peek at our gallery). We don’t have to tell you how important this is. Continue reading Best Wedding Photographers in Bali

Best Wedding Stylists in Bali

It’s the day you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. A day the will embody the connection, love and dynamic between you and your partner. Whether it be simple, clean and elegant, or soft, light and intricate, every detail will make an impact. And we’re not just talking about the wedding decorations. Continue reading Best Wedding Stylists in Bali