How To Get Legally Married In Bali

Bali is an incredibly popular wedding destination for Australians…

And for good reason too. The beautiful tropical weather, relaxed island location, and the myriad of colours in the sky that become the backdrop for all your wedding photos. It’s the experience of a lifetime.

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Your Wedding Week in Bali

A wedding is not just a moment, it’s an event. You’re flying across the world to a beautiful island for a moment you will never forget. It may be a small wedding or a large one. You may be lucky enough to have your family and closest friends with you, or it may be an intimate affair.

Either way, the plan is always to live every day to the fullest. And Bali is not a terrible place to do this. With so many amazing adventures and special locations to gather the wedding party, one might be overwhelmed with choices. So for a perfect destination wedding we’ve complied the most unique, romantic and special ideas to make your wedding getaway even more amazing. Continue reading Your Wedding Week in Bali

How To Handle Beach Wedding Hair

There are a few factors like wind, sun, humidity and salt air to factor in to your hairstyle decision. Choosing the right hair for a beach wedding and that suits you won’t be hard with the help of a good stylist – there are also lots of great hair piece ideas that can help you out as well.
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10 Tips For The Perfect Wedding Photos

1. Scout the location!

A few days before your wedding join your photographer for a bit of a scouting mission to find some idyllic spots for photos. Don’t forget to check out our gallery or ask the people at Komune as they may know of some epic spots.

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How To Transport Your Wedding Dress To Bali

You’ve had your last fitting for your dress and now you just have to find the right fit for getting your wedding dress to Bali.

Your wedding dress is probably the most expensive item of clothing (especially on a cost per wear basis) you’re ever likely to own so it’s natural for you not to want it out of your sight. Unfortunately that isn’t always an option so we’ve worked out a few safe ways to get your dress to your Bali Wedding.

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