5 Creative Guest Book Ideas

Wedding memories are some of the best you will make in your lifetime. The ceremony, the decorations, and your honeymoon will forever be a part of you. Even your wedding guests, who are the people closest to you, will leave memorable well wishes and helpful marriage advice. That is why a wedding guest book is just as important as the wedding pictures. To make the messages from your guests more memorable, why not make a creative guest book for your wedding? Here are five creative guest book ideas that you can make on your special day.

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How To Get Legally Married In Bali

Bali is an incredibly popular wedding destination for Australians…

And for good reason too. The beautiful tropical weather, relaxed island location, and the myriad of colours in the sky that become the backdrop for all your wedding photos. It’s the experience of a lifetime.

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Your Wedding Week in Bali

A wedding is not just a moment, it’s an event. You’re flying across the world to a beautiful island for a moment you will never forget. It may be a small wedding or a large one. You may be lucky enough to have your family and closest friends with you, or it may be an intimate affair.

Either way, the plan is always to live every day to the fullest. And Bali is not a terrible place to do this. With so many amazing adventures and special locations to gather the wedding party, one might be overwhelmed with choices. So for a perfect destination wedding we’ve complied the most unique, romantic and special ideas to make your wedding getaway even more amazing. Continue reading Your Wedding Week in Bali

How To Handle Beach Wedding Hair

There are a few factors like wind, sun, humidity and salt air to factor in to your hairstyle decision. Choosing the right hair for a beach wedding and that suits you won’t be hard with the help of a good stylist – there are also lots of great hair piece ideas that can help you out as well.
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