Beach Themed Wedding Invitations

Beach Themed Wedding Invitation Ideas

Destination weddings are getting more and more popular, especially nowadays when travelling has become an important part of life and wedding photos are expected to be Instagram-worthy. That is why beach wedding locations like Bali, Indonesia are becoming in-demand among marrying couples.

If you decide to have your special day on the beach, stay true to your theme beginning with invitations that complement your paradise-like location. We listed some of the best beach themed wedding invitations that you can choose from.

  1. Flip Flops (Thongs)

Beach weddings are fun, unique, laidback, and despite its popularity, still largely unconventional. Why not give out wedding invitations that have the same qualities? Flip-flops are the best beach footwear that is why your guests can easily relate to the idea. You can have wedding invitations with flip-flop designs or flip-flop-shaped cards, but the catchiest idea is to have real flip-flops as your wedding invitations. It is very unique, plus, the flip-flops can be used by the guests on your actual wedding day.

  1. Invitation in a Bottle

This is another one of the beach themed invitation ideas that’s a complete departure from your usual wedding invitation. Write your invite on a piece of parchment paper, roll and tie it with a nice ribbon, then put it inside a transparent bottle à la “Message in a Bottle” movie. You can add more effect to it by adding sand, pebbles or small shells inside the bottle.

  1. Oyster-shaped card

If you want something simple but still catchy, then make an oyster-shaped wedding invitation. Oysters represent the sea, which will add more of the beach feeling to your invites. Have the wordings printed in either silver or gold to add elegance to the wedding invitation. To complete the whole thing, make an envelope designed with small oyster shapes on the outside.

  1. Starfish on Top

This might need a little more effort to do, but it will be worth it. Find dried starfish on the beach or purchase some on souvenir shops and attach them on top of your wedding invitations. It will create an authentic beach flair to any wedding invitation design. Just make sure to attach the starfish well to the invitation.

  1. Invitation Cards

Simple wedding invitation cards with different beach themed designs will also do the trick. Choose from ocean waves, tropical trees, lighthouse, coastal views, or seashells. However, don’t cram all these designs together. Just pick one and make it the overall design of your wedding invitation. Also, don’t just pick any other image that you see on the web. Make sure to take your time and choose the best one that will make your wedding invitation look great.

Personalize your Wedding Invitation

Remember to give your personal touch when making your wedding invitations. It’s so much better to send out D-I-Y invitations than those that you can see in all the wedding souvenir shops. Explore different hues and don’t limit your options to beach colours. What’s important is to choose those that will complement your wedding motif. This is also true for the font or fonts that you will use. However, beach themed wedding invitations look more beautiful with fonts of wavy shape and style.

Have Your Beach Wedding at Komune Bali Weddings

Whichever you pick among these beach themed wedding invitation ideas, your guests will surely be delighted upon receiving them. It’s not just because of the creativity and beauty of the invitations, but more so of knowing that they’ll be a part of your wedding celebration.

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