Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding

7 Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding

This may be the first time you’ve planned a destination wedding, or even gone to one, so we’ve compiled a list of tips that won’t just help you, but also your guests. Logistics, etiquette, tech suggestions…

 1. Send invites early

Wedding invitationEveryone is busy and people need to be able to get time off work or arrange cat sitters well in advance. We recommend sending out Save The Date’s a good 8 months in advance. If you need idea’s for invitations, check out our post on Beach Themed Wedding Invitations.

2. Create a wedding website

This is a fantastic way to get everyone pumped for your nuptials and holiday. It’s also a great way to provide your guests with information rather than posting everything by snail mail. You can include itineraries, links to activities, babysitters etc.

3. Get there early

We think it’s important that you arrive a good week before the big day. This means you can combat jet lag, arrange any last minute things, relax with your spouse and be there to greet any early guests.

4. Pre-wedding fun

Bintang BeerIt’s a great idea to get your wedding guests together in one place early on as it creates a fun sense of camaraderie and helps those who don’t know many people to mingle and relax.

5. Help your guests pack

Give your guests a rundown of what they might need in their suitcases. This includes tips like covering shoulders when in temples and also the different dress codes for your wedding… cocktail, morning suits, sarongs etc.

6. Take time for yourself

Don’t spend the days leading up to your wedding running around like a mad person. Make sure you take time to spend with your spouse and relaxing together so you’re happy and ready to go on the big day.

7. For guests who can’t make it

You can stream your wedding ceremony live or have your guests use your very own wedding hashtag. This means that your friends that can’t make it can stay up to date with the day’s proceedings on Twitter and Instagram. It’s also great for capturing those behind the scenes shots that you can use in your wedding album.

unsplash-logoPhoto by Gerard Cos.