5 Creative Guest Book Ideas

5 Creative Guest Book Ideas

Wedding memories are some of the best you will make in your lifetime. The ceremony, the decorations, and your honeymoon will forever be a part of you. Even your wedding guests, who are the people closest to you, will leave memorable good wishes and helpful marriage advice.

That is why a wedding guest book is just as important as the wedding pictures. To make the messages from your guests more memorable, why not make a creative guest book for your wedding? Here are five creative guest book ideas that you can make on your special day.

1. Vintage Map of Bali

One of the best wedding destinations in the world is Bali. The beautiful beach and nice tropical weather are enough to create a fabulous wedding. To add more feeling of outdoor to the ceremony, why not have a vintage map of Bali as your guest book. You can ask your guests for both travel and marriage tips. This is one of the best wedding ideas for couples who are travellers and adventurers.

2. Polaroid Pictures

Even if you don’t have enough preparation time, you can still have a creative guest book for your wedding. Just prepare an ordinary guest book along with a Polaroid camera and a few rolls of washy tapes. Ask your guests to take pictures of themselves and attach the photos to the guest book. Instead of dedications, you can add more excitement to the whole thing by putting specific questions for the guests to answer.

3. Advice Coasters

One of the most creative guest book ideas is for people who are fond of putting dual purpose on things. If you are one of these people, then advice coasters are the best for you. Advice coasters are advantageous for both you and the wedding guests. It will help you get participation from everyone while the guests can conveniently answer them while eating the delicious food that you prepared.

You can purchase ready-made products or you can DIY your own advice coasters. Choose a coaster design that would fit your wedding motif, make sure they can be written on, and put them on the reception tables.

4. Postcards

This is another great idea for adventurers and wanderlust couples. Collect postcards from different places that you have travelled or plan to travel to, and have them signed by your guests like they are away travelling while sending you a message. Make sure to create a nice old-fashioned mailbox to add more creativity to the whole idea.

5. Fingerprint Canvas

If you want something that you can display afterwards in your home, then you can try a fingerprint canvas as your wedding guest book. Have both of your fingerprints printed large over a white canvas with plenty of space for guests to write dedications on. Just ensure to pick the right size of canvas according to the number of your wedding guests.

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With these creative guest book ideas, you will have more memories to cherish when you look back at your wedding day 10 years or 20 years later. Just remember that more than the wedding memorabilia, love and marriage should be the main highlight of your wedding day.

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