10 Tips For The Perfect Wedding Photos

10 Tips For The Perfect Wedding Photos

1. Scout the location!

A few days before your wedding join your photographer for a bit of a scouting mission to find some idyllic spots for photos. Don’t forget to check out our gallery or ask the people at Komune as they may know of some epic spots.

Bali Komune Wedding by the Water2. Leave time for formal photos but don’t miss half your night!

It’s a fine balance between not spending too much time away from your guests, getting the right shots, utilising the gorgeous scenery around you and not making it all feel like a chore.

3. Choose the right photographer!

Choose someone you personally like as well as professionally like as they will be around you for a lot of the day. Also, if you know and like their work, you can trust them to go off and do the right thing. You’ve organised this person for a reason, so let them do their job and try not to direct.

4. Allow for the unexpected!

Sometimes the best wedding shots are those that aren’t scripted – enjoy the day and forget the photographer is there.

5. Don’t skimp!

You’ll have these forever and they might be on your walls forever so you don’t want to cringe every time you walk by one.

6. Be camera ready!

Close up of Bride at Komune Bali

Don’t wear makeup with SPF in as it reflects light and it can make your face appear brighter than the rest of you with flash photography.

7. Make sure you cover the pre-wedding activities!

This can even be done with amateurs in the group or anyone with an iPhone. Use your own wedding hashtag so your friends at home can follow on Twitter and Instagram.

8. Capture a shot of all the guests!

It’s a good memento to send to your guests with your thank you cards.

9. Be yourself!

Whatever you do don’t focus on having skinny arms – just enjoy the day, your new partner and your guests – and the photos will capture your wonderful day.

10. Keep your photographer fed and hydrated!

Happy photographer = happy wedding photography.

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